26 Cases of Dengue Fever Reported in Mauritius – The Fight Continues

The island has been in a state of alarm ever since the first cases of Dengue fever were reported. Most of the cases concerned inhabitants of the village of Triolet. Uptil now, a total of 26 cases have been recorded in less than a week.



Results yielded from the analysis of 764 samples at the laboratory of Candos showed that 26 of them tested positive for Dengue fever. The last two positive tests for Dengue fever were from children who travel to Triolet twice a week, and yet another infected person said that his working place is found at Triolet. Some other cases involved inhabitants of Vallée-Pitot and Pointe-aux-Piments. The authorities are concentrating efforts on sanitary preventive measures.

Teams have been despatched for fumigation purposes all across the island. Mosquitoes which are vectors of the disease are being done away with. The infected insects transmit the virus to humans through bites. Therefore, if they are themselves fumigated, risks for propagation of the disease is greatly reduced. Additionally, the larvae of the mosquitoes are also being destroyed.

However, the torrential rains that have hit Mauritius during the week-end decelerated the preventive measures. The following regions are now undergoing intense fumigation: Pointe-aux-Piments, Trou-aux-Biches, Balaclava, Le-Goulet, Arsenal, Petit-Gamin, Morcellement-St-André, Fond-du-Sac, Plaine-des-Papayes, Bois-Mangues, Pamplemousses, Beau-Plan and Bois-Rouge.

Furthermore, the Ministry has taken the initiative of issuing notices to those who allow stagnant water to accumulate in rooftops and in their vicinity.

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