40 Modern Bus Shelters Across Mauritius

During his visit to a fair in Europe, The Director of the company Mavericks Advertising, Rudy Appanah, was inspired to introduce modern bus shelters in the country. He had then sent his proposal to the Road Development Authority, who gave it its approval. So, now, we are going to have 40 new bus shelters, much unlike the conventional ones.


The first phase of this initiative will be starting off with 25 bus shelters. Already, ten shelters have been installed, spread in the areas of Riche-Terre, Flic-en-Flac, Mon-Choisy and Ébène. The rest of the 15 bus shelters will be placed progressively after the first stage of the project is completed.

The company has taken upon itself the costs needed to fund the project. The investments come from advertisements that will be displayed on the surface of the bus shelters. The shelters will include lighting and those on the Central Plateau will be designed, taking into consideration the weather fluctuations, hence they will provide more coverage. Admit it, these new bus shelters have a design which makes them more pleasant to look at – more modern, more appealing, and what not.

Rudy Appanah is now looking forward to include digital boards to display the time of arrival of buses.

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