Shops closing down

450 Shops Closing Down Across All Towns of Mauritius

This year has not started off well for many traders located in all the towns. From January itself, around 450 traders have had to close down their shops. What are the reasons behind such large-scale closure of shops? The reasons range from hawkers to financial difficulties…

Shops closing down

The Mayor of Quatre-Bornes has said that 82 businesses have closed down in two months only. The 3rd month of this year has barely come to its end, that so many businesses have had to close down. Last year, a total of 300 shops met with the same fate. Already, some 124 shops have been closed in Beau-Bassin. The same goes for Vacoas. Around 30 more traders have had to stop operating in Curepipe. In reality, the number must be even greater since many other shops close down without necessarily having to inform the government.

However, as many are closing down, others are also opening new shops.

According to Clesny Appavou, accountant and consultant for many small and medium enterprises, middle-class citizens are already making purchases for what they wish for from countries like Dubai or Singapore, hence, accounting for the decrease in demand on a local scale. As for the traders themselves, they purport that hawkers are responsible for this decline. Furthermore, they complain that the rent is much too big an amount.

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