Asteroid To Hit Earth March 21 2014: It’s FALSE

Heard of the story that a large asteroid going by the name of 2003 QQ47 is to hit the Earth on 21st March 2014? Did you already have the panic crisis? Did you begin thinking of it as the apocalypse? Well, this is a hoax. The story is false. No proof has been given for the story. The story is totally made up and there is nothing to panic about!


The story has been spreading on social networks, specially on twitter. Tweets after tweets have been shared concerning this. See how rumours can spread more rapidly than fire? Specially the apocalypse kind of rumours. It all started when Daily Mail put up an article on this topic, entitled “Asteroid hurtles toward Earth”.

Upon reading the article, people distorted the news to such an extent that some got into thinking that the asteroid was really going to crash on our planet this month! However, the asteroid does exist. Ok, hold your horses – you still have nothing to fret about.

Concerning the asteroid, that is. It will only pass us by on the 26th of this month. It will always be at a great distance from us; around 19 million kilometers. Well, that is a very large number; large enough for us to feel relieved. Oh, and nothing to worry about your future generations either. The asteroid will not hit our planet for as long as one century.

The asteroid was discovered back in 2003, hence its name 2003 QQ47. After its discovery, scientists thought that it was possible for the asteroid to hit the Earth. Their calculations indicated that there was a probability of 1 in 250 000 for it to hit the Earth in August 2014. However, during the same year of its discovery, as more research was done, and more accurate calculations made, the NASA concluded that it was not to hit our planet in 2014.

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