Australia Identifies Possible Debris of Missing Malaysian Aircraft

As the searches for the missing Malaysian aircraft are getting more and more intense day by day, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has sent troops to check out what look like possible debris of the aircraft in the south of the Indian Ocean; at 2500 metres south-west of Perth. The objects having been spotted in the ocean seem to be of a reasonable size to be taken for the debris of an airplane crash, as seen from satellites.


Many countries have been assisting the Malaysian people in the search for the airplane that has been missing for more than a week now. The AMSA has been contributing to the searches by being on the look-out for any sign of debris on satellite images. The Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, announced today morning that two objects have been identified by satellites, that could potentially be the debris of the Malaysian aircraft. He also said that localising these objects will be extremely tedious a task, and they could also not be related to the MH370. Tony Abbott has already informed his Malaysian counterpart, Najib Razak.

According to the AMSA, it cannot be discriminated as to what exactly are the objects that have been spotted by the satellites. The longest one of them is around 24 metres. The depth of the ocean in that region where the objects have been seen is up to several metres deep. They are not yet quite conspicuous. The weather conditions are good though, to be able to get on with more concentrated searches.

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