Chinese Find Out Mysterious Objects That Could Be Debris of Malaysian Airline

Some days ago, the Australians had found what could possibly be the debris of the Malaysian missing aircraft. That was on satellite images. When they ventured into the regions of the Indian Ocean with the aim to spot those mysterious objects, they could not find anything. Now, 4 days later, a Chinese crew allege to have seen the debris near around the area the Australians had been searching.


A Chinese crew was dispatched to go search the ocean along the same coordinates the Australians had searched. They have reported that the objects are white and rectangular. Two larger pieces were floating among smaller ones, stretching over a distance of several kilometres. The Chinese have allegedly succeeded where the US Navy P-8 Poseidon could not. The latter is known to be the world’s most sophisticated search aircraft.

8 more planes from Australia, the US, Japan and New Zealand have joined the search. More ships from China are on their way to participate in the search as well. We have to have it confirmed that the debris having been sighted today are indeed pieces of the Malaysian airline. But, it sure is pointing to this possibility.

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