Contractor of Ring Road Takes Up Responsibility of Reparation Works

The Paille Ring Road has been the subject of many debates lately in Mauritius. The damage undergone has stretched to an increasing expanse of the road, shocking everyone. As the roads continued to be degraded, talks about reparation works were stirred. All good, all well. But who would pay for the reparation works?

According to the contract between the Government and the contractor, the latter was the one to make up for any damage if any were to occur. But, a week ago, they were still debating about who would actually pay for the works.

Cracks along Ring Road

A week back, Anwar Ramdin, the Managing Director de Rehm-Grinaker declared that they would not take up the responsibility of the reparation works, and specially not before having shed light on the causes behind the great damage. However, the part of the road having been damaged had been designed by Rehm-Grinaker/Colas, therefore, entitling them to own up to whatever damage.

The matter was finally decided yesterday, following a meeting involving the Road Development Authority, the Arab Consulting Engineers (ACE) and the representatives of Rehm-Grinaker/Colas. It was then decided that the contractors will shoulder the responsibility of repairing the damage.

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