Corsair Hackers Reboot 2014 in Mauritius

The Linux User Group of Mauritius together with the University of Mauritius Computer Club in collaboration with the Fortune Way Shopping Mall have put their efforts together to organise a computing event, the Corsair Hackers Reboot. The event has been scheduled for the 19th of April, from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. It will be held at the shopping mall of Flacq. A series of activities have been planned for the much-awaited event. Computer geeks will undoubtedly be thrilled to attend.


The activities include:

1. Linux Installation Festival

Linux will be installed on PCs and laptops of participants. And guess what?! It’s free (Obvious fact but some might ask if there will be a fee to pay to install it, so we better mention it clearly).

2. Talks & Presentations

Talks will be given to enlighten the public on potential career prospects. Topics such as linux certifications will also be covered.

3. Hacking Challenges

4. Application Demos

Basically, the public will be able to walk through free software and open source applications like VLC, Firefox and the likes. They just have to bring the laptop on which linux will be installed, which will be open to 3 choices: fresh install, dual-boot install, or a Linux virtual machine.

The bonus is you can have your own copy of Linux distribution and  FOSS software (Free and open-source software) for free!

Find the event page here.  And, if you wish to join the facebook page, click here.

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