Formation of new islets near Port Louis

Formation of 2 New Islets Near The Port

As stunning as this is going to sound… 2 islets of 250 and 150 metres respectively have been spotted in the waters lining the port at Port Louis. Minister Abu Kasenally had himself made the announcement on Radio Plus today itself. The islets were discovered some days back, and it has been found that they are expanding.


Formation of new islets near Port Louis

The discovery has been made by the hydrographic department of the Ministry of Lands and Housing. So, how did the masses of land get there? Did they just happen to have sprouted out of the ocean’s floor?! More research is being done so as to shed light on the matter. Abu Kasenally had also added that a formal announcement will be made, through which the public will know more about these two new islets.

The islets will now have to be added to the nautical chart, and then they will be given names.

UPDATES 11:03:14

More research is being currently done to get more data about the islets. The oceanographer, Vassen Kauppaymuthoo, has said that a third such islet has been spotted near the other two already discovered. The islets are very much conspicuous on satellite images. One is found near the estuary of Rivulet Terre Rouge, and another near Baie du Tombeau. He also adds that sedimentation has resulted from construction works, whereby parts of the sea have been filled. This sedimentation has brought about the formation of these islets.

3 islets formed around the district of Port Louis

The President of the association of fishermen, Judex Rampaul, has also added his point of view. According to him, it is the accumulation of sand and debris that has resulted from construction works in the past. He goes even further to say that he had been witnessing the gradual formation since some time now, and that he had warned against the activities that would cause sedimentation.

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