Humshakals Shooting in Mauritius – Add Kareena’s Drama To The List (Beside “Get Lost”)

The humshakal movie shooting going on on the island has been creating quite some buzz in Mauritius. For many reasons. Some pleasant reasons. And some, well. The cast has attracted the crowds. Fans have been pulled like magnets to watch their favourite ‘stars’. And, come on, Mauritians love to watch shootings of movies, irrespective of who is shooting. However, the ‘get lost’ incident has turned off many Mauritians. Well, guess what? There are more incidents that have been occurring, involving the team of the movie shooting.


The incident at Bagatelle is already being circulated wide and free among Mauritians. Now, another incident took place at Hotel Intercontinental, Balaclava. Shooting of the movie was being done there. Two Mauritians were walking around the hotel, and to their joy, they found the crew at work. Almost automatically, one of them reached out for her phone to take pictures. She succeeded in getting an actress  into frame. Everything was going on well, until Sajid Khan, the maker of the movie, seized the phone and deleted the video that had been captured by the Mauritian woman. Uh-oh. The guy was obviously irritated. You would think that they are not used to the behaviour of fans. But oh well. However, it is also to be mentioned that Sajid Khan apologised later on.

As if the drama going on was not enough, the coming of the wife of Saif Ali Khan, lead actor of the movie, has been to add up to the ‘show’. Kareena Kapoor has arrived on set and since then, a cold war has been triggered. From what has been reported, the latter has made her utter dislike to some of the other actors – actresses, to be more specific – known. Well, well, this movie shooting sure is going to be memorable.

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  • from on now they are not in my favorite list of actors, congratulation saif, kareena and etc, you achieved what you wanted, our hatred as from NOW and for the rest of our days, remember that you are at his stage because you worth nothing without the love of your fans and am damn sure that just like me, other Mauritians love his self respect and you guys came to our country and dare to dishonor us, was it too much to ask for a little hi, hello and smile? let me guess it cost money? NO, this attitude needs LOVE AND CARING and i guess its missing in your character, well then we are not the one who are losers because we were there to shower our love for you, if we are not the loser then who it can be, i guess you already know the answer, no hard feeling, sorry if this hurts!!! no love, no wife!!!

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