Ile Aux Aigrettes Now Has Its Own Photovoltaic System: Ikube F150

Ile aux Aigrettes is one of the most prized islets of Mauritius. It provides the platform for many conservation projects. Endemic plants and animals have been introduced there for their preservation and protection. Ecologists and volunteers as well as the workers of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation work there day and night to be able to achieve their goal: restoring the ecosystem. The activities taking place on the islet can now be powered by its new photovoltaic system, named Ikube F150.


Ikube F150 has been operational since yesterday. The device has cost Rs 300 000, and was funded by the SETL-meeco, which has taken upon itself the responsiblity of installing Ikube F150 together with the maintenance works.

Ikube F150 has a power capacity of 3 Kw. This will greatly enhance the stay of the employers and volunteers residing on the island from time to time. Moreover, it will also boost the research work going on on the islet. Ikube F150 displays a wide array of advantages: it is autonomous, mobile, compact and it is not a source of noise pollution. The latter is a real bonus, since the birds staying on the islet could otherwise be scared off by unwanted noise. Furthermore, Ikube F150 works without need of the sun, since it can operate on batteries.

The Fundraising Manager of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Jean Hugues Gardenne, said that the islet did have its own photovoltaic system installed back in 1995. However, it had now been rendered redundant. The new system is better adapted to suit the needs of the islet; it is more powerful, allowing for the use of conventional lightings which also cost less.

SETL-meeco has other similar projects for the other islets surrounding Mauritius. The new photovoltaic system installed on Ile aux Aigrettes marks just the beginning of this initiative.

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