Increasing Price of Sugar in Mauritius

People, this news is going to make you grunt! The price of sugar is going to inch up because of the recent R1 increase in tax for importers ; the tax shifting from Rs 2.70 to Rs 3.70. The tax will be used to finance the pension of old dockers of the Bulk Sugar Terminal. According to the Director of the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority, Vinod Boyjonauth, the tax is going to increase from time to time. The annual cost of the pension of the dockers was once Rs 90 millions. Now, with the additional tax, it will amount to Rs 125.8 millions.


Importers have varying views. Vishal Jusrut, Director of Meerah and Co. Ltd has said that the tax is going to be more of a problem for consumers than for him. Anand Ajodha, Director of Funny Traders, is of the opinion that this increase could potentially be a good thing for the sugar syndicate, a private company responsible for the export of locally-made sugar. The cost of importing sugar will be greater than that of the sugar syndicate.

As the cost of life has been increasing, the Mauritian population has had to adapt to the changes, grudgingly so. Increases in the price of any commodity are never welcomed.

Maybe, maybe, we should tone down on the sugar consumption?! So much for healthy habits!

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