Le Meritt Elipsis – First Part To Be Completed By December 2014

The first phase of the construction of the building Le Meritt Elipsis at Trianon will soon come to an end. The construction has been going on since long enough now, that many thought that it had been put on hold. Actually, the construction works had never stopped. They had been delayed though since the contractor in charge of the construction was still having to look for workers to be able to finalise the works.


According to Le Meritt Holdings Ltd, the 150 condominiums to be erected will be completed by next December. The condominiums make up 3 towers, namely A, B and C. The other 2 towers for residential purposes will be completed as well. The contractor for building purposes had had trouble recruiting foreigners and Mauritians as workers. On top of this, weather conditions had added up to these constraints, causing a further delay to the works. Torrential rains had prevented the works from progressing forward.

Currently, the workers, amounting to more than 50, are at work daily to be able to meet the deadlines for the construction. Painting of tower A is being done. Installation of aluminium openings are now being made. The bulk structures of the 3 towers (A,B,C) have been completed.

More than 60% of the condominiums have already been sold, or at least, reserved, by both Mauritians and foreigners.

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