A Mauritian among the 7 key holders to internet security

A Mauritian Among The 7 People Who Hold The Keys To The World’s Internet Security

Seven people with one key each. Keys to the worldwide internet security. This sounds bizarre. Creepy. Fantastic. And just what not. All the more so that one of the key holders comes from here – Mauritius, our little island lost in the Indian Ocean.

A Mauritian among the 7 key holders to internet security

They all come from different regions of the globe, such that one country does not monopolise this system. The key-holders have been chosen taking into consideration their geographic location and their expertise in the domain of internet security. The 7 keys are needed to unlock one of the central security measures of the web. What do these keys really do? What is the secret that they hide?

Their key is key to the domain name system (DNS) – a record of web addresses together with their respective IP addresses. For example, to reach islancrisis.net, you have to key in the IP address The key-holders meet 4 times annually to ensure that each entry in this record is real, to protect internet users from the proliferation of malicious websites, which are set up for hacking purposes.

Having a Mauritian figuring among one of these seven key-holders, one having the required expertise to be a key member for the safekeeping of the internet, is a matter of pride and honour. Our island may be small and not as much advanced as others, but, we do have some who go beyond our territory, making us all proud.

Can you guess who is it? The pride of our country. We have guessed who it is… But up to you now.

For more details, you can read the full The Guardian article here.

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