Mauritian Girl To Be Extradited From The UK

A Mauritian girl, going by the name of Yashika, having stayed in the United Kingdom since 2012, is now facing the risk of being extradited from the country. She had travelled to the UK to be reunited with her parents and relatives. Now that she’s eighteen, she is anxious about the judgement of the immigration services to her case.


Her extradition is supposed to occur on the 25th of March – tomorrow. Yashika’s friends as well as her teachers have proved to be of a great support for her so far. They have all been sending petitions to have her stay in the country. They have also taken to peaceful demonstrations in front of the Ministry of the Interior. They wish to appeal to the authorities by putting forward the article 8 of the European Convention which expounds the rights to a family life in security.

She had enrolled in the Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield, located to the North of London. She will soon complete her studies. If allowed to stay in the country, that is. Her supporters purport that she is a conscientious student.

She had been arrested and placed in an immigration centre last December. But, she was later released when her teacher had arranged for the £2000 to free her. However, she has again been in detention since last Wednesday.

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