Mauritian Macaques Making The Journey To America?!

The breeding of macaques in Mauritius is stirring debates yet again. People are increasingly mobilising against the rearing of monkeys for medical research purposes. Some time back, it was Germans who had taken upon themselves to decry what they view as an act of cruelty. Now, it is the turn of Americans to follow in the steps of their German counterparts. Well, our island is getting ‘famous’ all around the world, from England to Germany and now to The States.

The President of the organisation Animal Defenders International (ADI), Jan Creamer, has recently voiced out her take on the issue. Actually, a farm is being constructed in Hendry, Florida, to accommodate for macaques from Mauritius. The macaques will then be used for experimentation in laboratories. Creamer is extremely anxious about this situation and she says that people must come out and protest against this in order to try to prevent it.

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The ADI says it has images to prove the ill-treatment of the monkeys on the premises of the Mauritian rearing farm. How much more notorious Mauritius could get? The National Anti-Vivisection Society had already published images depicting the atrocities macaques were made to go through.

Creamer took another angle at protesting against this. She says that the authorities are not owning up to their deeds. She is particularly worried by the fact that 2 such farms already exist in Florida, and people do not seem to find this to be disturbing.

The ADI has put up a rhetoric question, which triggers one to think forth: what are the secrets of the “monkey breeding trade”?

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