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100% Mauritian Online Trust Seal For eCommerce Websites Coming Soon

With the increasing amount of swindles and cons on the internet, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) has come up with the idea of creating a special trust seal for e-traders in Mauritius, a project which has been named ‘Online Shopping Trust Seal Scheme’. The internet is a tool that is greatly exploited by people intending to extort money from gullible consumers. So many have been robbed by ‘online traders’. The ICTA new trust seal should reduce this problem.

Satisfaction GuaranteedGenerally, the websites of shops based in Mauritius will be able to forward their request to have the seal designed by the ICTA. Once the website bears the seal, consumers will be able to know for sure whether the website in question is a reliable one or not. The eal will bear testimony to the website being law abiding.

To start with, it will not be mandatory for all e-traders to have the trust seal. Anyone who does wish to be certified can make his request. Those who have been certified are to pay a fee of Rs 12000 annually to the ICTA.

The ICTA has been welcoming both suggestions and questions from the members of the public concerning this project. Any query can be emailed to: [email protected], or can be submitted on the forum up till the 26th of this month.

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