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Mauritius Horse Racing 2014: Abnormal Results In Urine Tests of Horses

The Mauritius horse racing season 2014 will soon begin in a week’s time. However, even before it could start off, the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) has found possible doping issues in some of the horses.

horse racing mauritius

Some weeks ago, from 24th of February to the 8th of this month, 124 horses were sampled out to carry out tests on them. The racing horses were chosen from different private centres at Port-Louis and at Floréal. A communiqué from the MTC stated that two of the steeds, namely Hills of Rome and Ocean’s Edge, had peculiar results from the urine tests they were made to take. Investigations have been made to look deeper into the matter.

The two horses, from the Maigrot stable, have been suspended from participating in the races. From the results yielded from the tests, a steroid has been found, which could have come from nitrotain; the latter is used to reduce fats in horses. It improves stamina, and muscle fitness.

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