ukraine protest

Medical Student, Vish Woodun, Talks About Their Situation In Ukraine

As the tense atmosphere in Ukraine stretches forth, Mauritians whose family members are in the currently living in the country are getting more and worried. They have been reassured by the authorities, but can the hearts of parent really find peace in such circumstances? Around 16 students from Mauritius are currently living in Ukraine. Vish Woodun, a Mauritian student enrolled for medicine courses at a university in Ukraine recently shared his experience about living in Ukraine with a Mauritian Press.

ukraine protest

Vish has confided that the people fear for their security, given the state of affairs. Mauritians are spread in the regions of Kharkov, Lungansk, Donetsk et Simferopol. They are all trying to remain in contact with each other, supporting one another. As for Vish, he lives in Lugansk. According to him, one of the greatest ordeals that they face there is the limited access to having bank transactions. They could not use their Visa card, nor the Ukrainian bank cards. Recently, the situation has calmed down quite a bit, to the relief of everyone, as Vish narrates. The Mauritian embassy based in Moscow has greatly reassured them, and has told them that, for now, the need to return to Mauritius has not yet been felt.

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