Missing Malaysian Airline MH 370 Possibly Spotted in Maldives On 8th March 2014

As the whole wide world wonders and worries about the missing Malaysian flight, and as theories are being formulated as to what could have happened to it, people from Kuda Huvadhoo, one of the islands of Maldives have reported that they might have spotted the MH370 aircraft. The people claim having seen a low-flying airplane on the 8th of March, the day the Malaysian airline disappeared. Could the Malaysian airplane have landed there?


According to those who witnessed the low-flying plane, the latter was white with red stripes, and it was flying in the direction of south-east. Nothing much can be concluded for now. Moreover, it was flying so low that the people could hear the deafening sound it made while flying. They also claimed that the doors on the plane were quite conspicuous as a result of flying at a very low altitude. The testimonies of the people have been published online on the website Haveeru Online. An island councillor even confirmed what the inhabitants of the Maldives island were purporting.

It is also worth noting that the pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had a homemade flight simulator at his place. And, guess what featured in his simulator? 5 airport runways found in Maldives. Could this be just a coincidence?

As for now, the searches are being concentrated near Thailand, Kazakhstan, the south of Indonesia and the southern parts of the Indian Ocean. Will the help of Maldives now be sollicited? The Malaysian government has not yet given any sign of such a request.

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