Phones of passengers of missing Malaysian airplane ringing?

Missing Malaysian Flight: Houses of the Pilots Searched By Investigators

According to recent developments in the search of the missing Malaysian flight MH370, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has stated that the flight was possibly deliberately taken off course. If this scenario were to be true, where could the aircraft have been deviated to? And, how come we do not yet have any news from the hijackers yet?

Phones of passengers of missing Malaysian airplane ringing?


Jeff Wise, American pilot and journalist, has suggested that the passengers could potentially be alive. In one of his articles, he has stated that it is possible for such an airplane to land on even small airfields. According to him, it is quite possible for the passengers to be alive in such a case. If they have not already been killed by terrorists, that is. However, is that were to be the case, wouldn’t the hijackers already have demanded ransoms in exchange for the lives of the passengers?

As the search is going on, some Malaysian journalists have reported that the police has visited the places of residence of the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, on Saturday. The residence of the latter’s copilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid, was also visited by the police, as stated by Keir Simmons, a reporter of the NBC News. However, the police force has not made any comments on this.

Further details coming soon.

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