MRA Tightening Regulations For Private Tuitions

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) is reviewing the incomes that are generated from private tuitions outside school hours. According to an investigation made by the MRA, private tuitions bring in around Rs 1 billion per year. The MRA should be having around Rs 150 millions from this. But, many teachers have not informed the MRA that they are giving private tuition…


The MRA has issued a notice to inform teachers who have not yet declared the fact that they give private tuitions to do so by latest the 30th of June of this year. Those who do not respect the deadline will be liable to pay a fine: “Failure to make the appropriate disclosure will entail in your case being selected for in-depth audit and assessment of your tax liability with the imposition of all penalties as provided under the Income Tax Act. Non-compliant persons may also be referred for further enquiry in view of prosecution.”

The teachers will have to fill in a form including all the relevant details such as the number of students, the fees paid, the additional expenses like rent. Furthermore, the MRA has requested all heads of schools to submit a list of the names of their teachers together with some additional information like the subject they teach as well as the classes they teach, and the number of students per subject. The MRA has also found out that most teachers provide inaccurate estimations of the amount of money they generate. All these investigations have caused the MRA to tighten its regulations.

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