New Mauritian Warning System For Storms

Following powerful storms that have hit the coastal regions, particularly in the southern part of the island including places like Rivière-des-Galets, the setting up of a warning system has been launched. The new warning system will be mounted in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega. It should allow people residing in coastal areas to be warned 3 hours prior to strong storms. The new system will be functional as from July 2015.


The setting up of the warning system will cost around Rs 10 millions. It will allow the detection of weather anomalies like strong storms, heatwaves, and cyclones. It will also enable us to monitor and predict the changing weather patterns, and to do risk assessments of the situations. It will, then, deliver warnings accordingly, so as to come up with adequate plans in moments of crisis.

As the world is being remoulded by global warning that has caused severe climatic changes, more and more powerful storms and cyclones are being formed. Small islands like ours are even more vulnerable to such threats. Therefore, more security measures should be formulated. The new warning system fits well in the project entitled «Climate change adaptation programme in the coastal zone of Mauritius», which had been developed to better empower the coastal population in the face of such natural calamity threats. The more so when lives have been lost as a consequence of heavy rains and storms.

Furthermore, the coastal regions are home to touristic hubs; tourism being one of the important pillars of our economy. Not to forget the fishing activities that are the means of subsistence of many people. Therefore, the coastal regions have to be protected as much as is possible from strong storms.

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