New Measures for The Mauritius National Identity Card Scheme

The director of the National Identity Card Scheme, Rao Ramah, has declared that more than 260 000 Mauritians have already registered for the new identity card. Yep, the ID card that had caused many debates in the country. Has opposition to it died out? Irrespective of this, new measures are being taken to take the project to a next level: to improve the service being provided. Everyday, an average of 4500 Mauritians are going for the procedures to be made for the new ID card.

Gopalen Pavaday, heading the Operations & Support for the National Identity Card task, has said that new steps are being taken to accelerate the process of converting the identity card into a biometric one. Two additional centres have been opened to cater for the crowds coming to have their new ID card made; one at Triolet and another at Curepipe. Another centre will be opened on the 15th of this month at Port Louis in the Emmanuel Anquetil Building. The aim is to assist to more and more people daily. Furthermore, even if people present themselves at the centres at 5pm , they would still be received, since the officers work till 18pm or even till 19pm if the need arises.

With the new measures in force , some centres have received a total of 550 people per day, as compared to 350 daily. Making the procedures easy for the population is another objective. Birth certificates of the old format – the one in the A3 size – is being accepted. Photocopies are also accepted, though this would, undoubtedly, lengthen the procedures to be done.

Also, many people wind up for registering for the new ID card without bringing along with them evidence of their residential address. So, a new form has been made, called the Specific declaration form, for those who do not bring it.

And, you reader, do you already have yours?

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  • G.Pavaday declared in Supreme Court that there have been 300 Cases of attempt identity Usurpation.

    Don’t you think these should be considered as SWEARING FALSE AFFIDAVITS ?

    What’s if one of these was trying to usurp my identity and to EMPTY my bank account or to sell or mortgage my residential property or even your’s ?

    So, the PHOTOS, NAMES and the names of the person they were trying to usurp should be made public and available on the NET.

    They may still contact me if you don’t have time and resources to set up a SIMPLE web site to do it and warn members of the Public about these dangerous criminals

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