New Minesweeper Robot for The Mauritius Police Force

The Mauritius Police Force has proclaimed its intention of making the acquisition of a minesweeper robot for Rs 14, 3 millions. The device is actually called a Remotely Operated Vehicle for Bomb Disposal which is used to detect and dispose of bombs if found. The company Harel Mallac Healthcare Ltd has bagged the contract.


robot minesweeper

Requirements of the minesweeper robot

To effectively fulfill its purpose of being, the robot will have to be able to carry a weight as heavy as 80 kilos. It has to be armed with a retractable arm as well, in order to lift a weight of 25 kilos. Ideally, it should be able to function in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The use of the robot spans across many possible fields, hence the device should be able to operate on many different grounds: it will have to be able to climb stairs, for instance. And, what’s a walking robot device without cameras?! The robot will be equipped with an LED camera. The robot will be piloted and manoeuvred from a distance as long as 300 metres from a computer with the help of a joystick.

A training will be given so as to familiarise the police force to operate the device.


  • stupid way to waste our hard-earned money!!! When was the last time a bomb exploded in Mauritius??? Is there anywhere in Mauritius where there’s fields of landmines?????

  • carry 80 kg vs lift 25 kg? can some one clarify the difference if any, for me its the same thing, we need to lift an object to carry it, it says is should be able to lift a maximum of 25 kg but then consequently carry an object of 80 kg?? how is it possible???

    secondly, remotely controlling the device within a range of 300 meters, is it enough to be in a secure region from the bomb? i hope so it is,,,,,,,,

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