plastic bags banned in Rodrigues

Thou Shall Be Fined Rs 500 (and more!) for Using Plastic Bags in Rodrigues!

A new law has been passed in Rodrigues that prohibits the use of plastic bags. Those who would be found to disrespect this law would have to pay for a fine not exceeding Rs 1000. A fine of Rs 500 may also be issued. The regulations concerning this have been broken down as follows.

plastic bags banned in Rodrigues


In line with this prohibition, any transaction dealing with plastic bags is considered to be a punishable offence. The selling and distribution of the bags, as well as importing and keeping plastic bags in stock are all deeds liable to be punished by the law.

People breaching the law by selling and distributing plastic bags will have to pay a fine not exceeding Rs 2000. If the offence is perpetrated a second time by the same person, the fine could increase to Rs 5000. A third time would be doubled up to Rs 10 000.

Those manufacturing or importing or storing plastic bags will be subject to payment of fines, not exceeding Rs 5000 for the first time being caught at encroaching the limits set by the law makers. As for the 2nd time, the fine will be at Rs 10 000. Finally, if the offence is repeated a 3rd time, the offender will run the risk of imprisonment, for a period as long as 3 months.


  • No plastic bags…..the shit and rubbish will be dumped without then. There should be rubbish police both in Rodrigues and Maurice fining people for dumping stuff. It’s a plague. People eat and dump. build and dump! The beaches are horrendous at weekends. Tourists will eventually look for cleaner holiday resorts in other countries. You could eat from the floor in Singapore. Kids need teaching at school.

  • and is the government providing an alternative to carry our product from one place to another? what should be done with all the plastic bags they accumulated at their home? someone from the government will come and pick it up for recycling? and if possible exchange it against the alternative eco-bag? at least to pick it up or provide some places where they can dispose these plastic bags!!!

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