New buses of CNT

NTC Bus Company Brings New Standard Buses

The National Transport Corporation (NTC) had previously made known its intention of renewing its bus fleet. Time has come to abide by its promise. Today, as the National Day celebrations approach, the road has been graced with the first bus of the new fleet.

New buses of CNT

Many unpleasant incidents have occurred with NTC buses. From accidents to uncomfortable travels in the buses. The bus company had thus decided to renew its fleet of standard buses first, instead of concentrating the investments on semi-low floor buses, which are being introduced by the other bus companies. 70 new standard buses are to be delivered by the company ABC Motors, by May, with 10 buses each month from then on.

Around 80 buses of NTC have been on the road for more than 15 years. High time to have some new ones, right? The old standard buses will be gradually replaced. The company had also proclaimed its plan of bringing semi-low floor buses at some point in time. (read more). It has made an offer for 2 of these modern buses. This project will be on a pilot basis though. The wise use of monetary resources has to be made according to its President, Ravin Udhin, since they have a limited budget and also, the light metro project will soon be implemented.

As very old buses will be replaced, the recent ones – the 2005 buses – will be upgraded and the seats and bodywork will be improved.

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