Mauritius Pride not more functional?

Peaceful March To Protest Against Retreat of Mauritius Pride Ship

On the 12th of March, a meeting was held involving the Rodrigues Council of Social Services (RCSS), headed by Wilmode Edouard, where the retreat of the ship Mauritius Pride was discussed. It was decided that they will march forth to organise a peaceful demonstration at Port-Mathurin on Saturday 22nd of March to make known their indignation.

Mauritius Pride not more functional?


The President of the RCSS, Wilmode Edouard, has said that the protest march has been organised taking into consideration the welfare of the society at large. In his opinion, the retreat of the ship will impact negatively on the lives of many. Therefore, the RCSS wishes to uphold its social responsibilities by speaking out about the consequences on the population of Rodrigues. He says that many will be jobless due to a lack of construction materials. Rearing of animals will become difficult since food for the animals will be lacking. A lack of resources will be greatly disadvantageous to businesses based on craftsmanship. Not forgetting the agricultural and fishing sectors, which will experience similar outcomes. Furthermore, the stock of medicines will be greatly reduced with time. All in all, most of the aspects of life in Rodrigues will feel the negative consequences.
Wilmode Edouard has also talked about the relatively expensive fees of the Mauritius Trochetia ticket, the latter ship being the only one to be making journeys to and from the two islands – Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The participants of the protest march will start at Port-Mathurin, walking in the direction of the Mauritius Shipping Corporation, to finally end at the MCB Square.

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