Petition To Save Monkeys By Mauritian Association

Associations worldwide have been emphatically denouncing the use of Mauritian macaques for laboratory experiments. The Mauritian organisation Say No to Animal Experiments has also put in tremendous efforts to decry the export of the monkeys. Now, another issue has come forth, retaining the attention of the organisation. The Preclinical Research Bill will soon be presented to the parliament. This legislation would allow for the use of animals in laboratories for medical research.


A petition has been signed by more than 20 000 persons as a way to show their opposition (and outrage) at what they call unnecessary suffering of animals. Last Monday, the heads of the association were to present a document of 213 pages bearing the signatures of the opponents to the Ministry of Agro-Industry. Copies of the same document were to be sent to the Prime Minister and some other Ministries as well.

Another petition had already been signed against the exportation of macaques to foreign laboratories. Around 47 200 people had participated in this one.


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