Phones of passengers of missing Malaysian airplane ringing?

Phones of Passengers of Missing Malaysian Airplane Ringing?

The case of the missing Malaysian airplane has been shrouded with mystery. Where has the aircraft gone? How come it has disappeared? Where are all the passengers? If the plane crashed, where are the debris? These questions remain unanswered as the searches go on. Not knowing what has really happened is nerve-racking. Now, adding to this, some people have reported that the mobile phones of some of the passengers are ringing. Are they actually ringing? Or is it more the desire to hear from the passengers that the families are clinging to whatever string of hope they can find? Or is it real but having more to do with a network issue?

Phones of passengers of missing Malaysian airplane ringing?

Well, 19 families have testified that they can actually call their family members who have been passengers of the plane and that the phones do ring. Normally, it should have been switched off, or at least in airplane mode.

An expert in the domain of wireless technologies, Jeff Kagan, has said that some phones function such that a ringing tone goes on when you press the call button, while the network searches for the phone. Also, it may happen that the caller hears the phone ringing several times, while the person being called hears it ring once only or not at all. So, you may hear it ring while the network is trying to get you through to the number you’re attempting to reach.

If this was seen as a ray of hope, logic does not consider it to be something tangible.

Our prayers go to the families waiting to hear about their dear ones.

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