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Restriction For Buying Tablets, Smartphones and Laptops Online By ICTA

The Information Communication and Technologies Authority (ICTA)  in Mauritius has brought new regulations concerning technological devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops. Prior to bringing these devices to the country, permission from the ICTA is required. This restriction includes buying individual products from abroad. And well, now you will not even be able to buy those cheap (yet good) tablets and mobiles phones on Ebay.

Why such a new rule? Certain technological devices do not respect the radio frequency norms. According to ICTA, many smartphones made in China are not in conformity with the norms defined by the FCC Internatinal. Hence, this limitation imposed by the ICTA will reverse the trend that has been happening.

Another purpose for this new regulation is to curb the grey market. It has been reported that many shop owners buy smartphones from Dubai or Malaysia before these are accessible in Mauritius. Local sellers of such products, who have a certificate of authenticity from the ICTA, should now feel protected from such a menace.

The opinion of Mauritians who often buy online for their personal use differs though.


  • RIDICULOUS_This is retrograde .What other country is doing this ? Mauritius is expecting 100,000 chinese tourists this year.
    Will ICTA/Customs secure their Tablets if they have no
    Type approved permits from ICTA? And the Other European tourists? .Look at the ICTA approved devices list-Only well known makes are approved.Is ICTA selective or protecting ‘Great brands’?

  • thats not news. they have been doing this for some time now. the procedures for getting an approval are much more simple and easy now than they were before.

  • And they want Mauritius, to become Africa’s answer on Singapore ??????
    Cant anyone see that its completely madness, whats ongoing !
    There is absolutely no consistency in what’s ongoing.

  • what not identify and block only the country from where the tablet is not good, why blocking the whole market? ITS BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO PERFOMR A GOOD RESEARCH.

  • Wat if i already bought and not yet arrived? since when is this rule applicable? the reasons seems to be invalid

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