Squatters of Cite La Cure

Revolt of The Squatters of Cite La Cure – Mauritius

The evacuation of the unlawful residents of Cite La Cure at Marjolain street has caused the latter to revolt against the authorities, resulting in someone being injured, damaged vehicles and this would probably cause many arrestations. 15 houses, made of wood and metal sheets, which had been erected on the bank of a river have been demolished by officials of the Ministry of Housing and Lands yesterday (5th March 2014). As a result, the residents have shown their outrage by fighting back. They threw projectiles towards the policemen. A policemen was injured and two vehicles of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) have been damaged.

The tense situation had persisted till the afternoon yesterday. The squatters have then said that they have no choice but to spend the night at the Jardin de la Compagnie.

Squatters of Cite La CurePicture from Lexpress.mu

The Ministry’s stance

The Ministry of Housing and Lands said that an investigation was discreetly done by officials. They found out that some 15 houses of metal sheets and wood were unoccupied. Some were not even completed and others only had a mattress inside. According to their plan, the unoccupied houses have been demolished while the occupied ones, even if they have been built illegally, were left to stand as they were.

The version of the inhabitants

As for the squatters, they complain that they have been ill-treated, having been driven away from their homes, together with their kids. They then spent the night on the road. The women specially are complaining against what they view as injustice. They even said that they went to the Ministry of Housing and Lands, and that they had been reassured that they could build their metal-sheeted houses. An inhabitant with the demolished houses say that they begged the authorities not to destroy their houses. Another woman said that she was previously notified that she had to leave the house, and so, she went to live in a tent, which had also been brought down.

Yesterday night, the squatters obstructed the streets, protesting and demanding to talk to ministers and deputees.

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