Speed Camera Stolen!

Rs 110 Million In The State’s Pocket With Speed Cameras Since 2013

Speed cameras have been introduced since last May with a view to curbing speeding on roads, potentially reducing road accidents. From then on, 55 000 fines have been issued with the help of the 35 radars installed all across the islands. The speed cameras have been spread in many districts, in regions like Coromandel, Sadally, Vacoas, Triolet, and Roche-Bois, just to mention a few. This project happens to have been a good investment for the State. From last year to now, Rs 110 millions have found their way to the coffers of the country.

Speed Camera Stolen!

The system of assigning penalty points has also brought in many fines; a number as great as 40600, mostly for speeding. According to the Police Inspector, Mohit Ramah, noone has, as yet, been disqualified. The period of disqualification is to last for not less than 8 months. After this, the individual penalty points will be reset to zero.

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