Phones of passengers of missing Malaysian airplane ringing?

Rumour Had It That The Missing Malaysia Airplane Landed In Mauritius

The Malaysian airplane has been missing since some days now. The planes and ships sent by countries worldwide to try to locate the airplane have not yet brought any result whatsoever. As everyone is wondering about where could it be, rumours have been circulating internationally that the airplane may have landed in Mauritius. Maybe such a rumour was triggered by the fact that the Malaysian PM was the guest of honour for the National Day celebrations of Mauritius? People tried putting two and two together, resulting in an extremely far-fetched sum!

Phones of passengers of missing Malaysian airplane ringing?

According to the rumour, the missing airplane passed over the Indian Ocean to finally land at the airport of Mauritius. The Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML) has belied the rumours, saying that it must probably be a joke, and that the airplane never landed on the island. This has sparked the curiosity of the international press which then later on confirmed with the AML that it is, indeed, only a rumour.

Before its disappearance, the Malaysian airplane was last located at a spot found between the town of Kota Bharu in Malaysia and the South of Vietnam. From there on, no information as to what happened to the aircraft and its 239 passengers is available. At most, speculating is the only thing one can do.

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