SC & HSC Exam fees

Mauritius SC & HSC Exam Fees Increase By 5%

This year, the examination fees for SC and HSC have increased by 5 % as compared to last year’s. Not-so-good news for the parents of students who will be sitting for the SC and HSC exams. Lucien Finette, director of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), has said that this increase in the exam fees is quite normal, since they vary from year to year. So, all in all, students have to expect minor variations in the amount of money to be paid to be eligible to sit for the exams throughout the years.

SC & HSC Exam fees
This increase will surely not be welcomed by parents, however. As it is, the devaluation of the Mauritian rupee to the pound sterling already constitutes a major drawback for Mauritians. However, as Lucien Finette highlighted, our country benefits from a preferential tariff as opposed to other countries. So, if on one side, we are disadvantaged, we also enjoy privileges on the other. Should we complain then?
For six examinable subjects for the School Certificate (SC) exams , a fee of Rs 8757 will have to be paid, compared to Rs 8064 of last year. For the Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams, an amount of Rs 12349 is to be paid, as opposed to the Rs 11357 fee of last year.

Education is free, but as they say, everything has a price to pay in the end.

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