Sophie Bernier Kitesurfing From Mauritius To Reunion Island

Kitesurfer, Sophie Bernier, originating from Reunion Island has taken up the challenge to kitesurf her way from Mauritius to Reunion. The distance from the two islands is about 174km. She will take off from Le Morne. Having arrived at Mauritius on Saturday 22nd of this month, she is already going through training exercises to be able to build up the stamina required for her quest.


Sophie Bernier kitesurfed in the North of the island yesterday. As for today and tomorrow, she will acquaint herself with the sea at Le Morne. To be able to carry out the massive task she has committed herself to, she has to prepare herself both physically and mentally. She has to give herself some strenuous exercise, and, at the same time, train her mind to be able to focus and judge accordingly.

The young woman has been inspired by Sebastien Coupy, the first kitesurfer to have covered the distance between Mauritius and Reunion Island in 2010. Sophie Bernier has as aim to show that a woman is as capable of such a feat. She also wishes to promote nautical sports in both islands. Sebastien Coupy is currently acting as her technical advisor.

Sophie is one always up for unconventional sports that build up adrenaline gushes. She has done parachuting, rhythmic gymnastics, and what not.

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