Speed Camera Stolen!

Speed Camera Cropped Off By Speeding Man

Thefts of valuable objects are something common. Jewelry, diamonds, money, relics. You name it. The list goes on and on, and however much of a crime it is, we may ‘understand’ as to why people steal these. Thefts of speed cameras, though, are of the most bizarre thefts ever. A speed camera on a street of Bonne-Mère was cut off with the help of a grinder. To be discarded in a lake.

Speed Camera Stolen!

Why such an act?! The perpetrator had been caught speeding on the said camera. And, therefore, he deemed it necessary to cut it off! The officers of the Criminal Investigation Division of Flacq identified the criminal who goes by the name of R. and originating from Verdun. The latter has thus been arrested yesterday.

R. has already admitted to his crime. He has narrated that he had been caught speeding in the early morning of Sunday. Being put off by that incident, he returned to the spot where the camera was found with a grinder, and did away with the pole holding the camera.

He then discarded the piece of evidence testifying against him for his speeding in a lake at Dagotière. Divers from the National Coast Guard have had to get into the lake to bring back the camera. Ravi has been charged with the offence of “damaging government property”.

Investigations are ongoing to determine whether Ravi had accomplices helping him to steal the camera.

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