Registration of new students at SSRMC

SSR Medical College Can Now Take In New First Year Students

The SSR Medical College (SSRMC) situated at Belle-Rive can now welcome new students for the new academic year, as the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) gave it the green light to do so. As soon as it got the approval from the TEC, the tertiary educational institution began making the procedures for the enrollment of first year students. The starting date for the latter, though, has not yet been finalised.

Registration of new students at SSRMC


Some time back, it was reported that the medical school could not as yet begin procedures to take up new students for the coming academic year, since it had not had the approval of the TEC. The TEC had not renewed the contract because the SSRMC had taken in new students without having prior permission from the TEC.

For now, the TEC has not yet issued a written authorisation. But, after having conducted a visit on the premises of the school, the TEC authorised the school to have new students, since it was concluded that the school meets all the requirements demanded by the TEC, and it had also dealt with the lackings pointed out by TEC.

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