Tablets Distributed To Form V Students in Mauritius

The Ministry of Education had previously proclaimed that form V students would be entitled to receiving tablets which would be used for educational purposes. Today has marked the beginning of the fulfillment of this very promise, as tablets were distributed in two secondary educational institutions of the country.


Tablets have already been given out in Sir Abdool Raman Osman SSS and Phoenix SSS to teachers working with form five students. The education officers of the other secondary schools will receive theirs during this week itself.

As for the students, they will have their much-awaited tablets next Thursday. Gaëtan Raynal College will host a ceremony whereby the tablets will be given out to the students. As for form IV students, they will have to wait a bit more before having possession of their tablets. Rs 243 millions have been invested by the government to have the acquisition of 26 100 for students and teachers.

The tablets have been incorporated with a variety of applications. The teachers will have access to a digital library, a database on the different subjects being studied, as well as a system of managing the class.

A few more days and the all form five students of Mauritius will have their tablets.

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