Tombs Pillaged At Bois-Marchand – Mauritius

More than 10 tombs at the Bois-Marchand cemetery have been desecrated in the last few days. The guilty ones, tomb raiders? Iron thieves is more like it. If for some, coffins are the abode of the dead body, others only see them for what they are: stocks of iron. Coffins make an incredible source of iron for iron thieves: finding abundant iron in one place. The proprietors will not be able to defend themselves. And, admit it, cemeteries are isolated places, easily accessible at night, since they are not always guarded upon by watchmen. Buyers of old iron pieces are common in Mauritius, and so are iron looters! On top of this, the Bois-Marchand cemetery is in quite a deplorable state, facilitating the task of the thieves.



Let the dead rest in peace, goes the unspoken motto of cemeteries. Well, some just don’t care. After emptying the coffins, the bones and other remains from the dead bodies were thrown just about anywhere on the ground. Moreover, the grass at the cemetery is as long as the average human height. An inhabitant of Baie du Tombeau complained that the remains of his father and wife have been mercilessly desecrated.

The tombs of the dead members of the families Cheng Kai On, Cheong, Easton, Leung Tin Chi, Kim Yen, So Tin Yan, On Siong and Leung Sak Hang have been emptied. The cadaver of a 94 year old woman was also left lying on the ground, in the state of decomposition. Well, this is a common happening in the cemeteries of the island. Those cemeteries which are not maintained as much as others, that is. The thieves also take away any jewellery or gold teeth from the dead bodies.

The Criminal Investigation Division of Terre-Rouge is now looking into the matter to be able to catch the criminals as soon as possible.

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