Visitors to reach crater?!

Turning Trou-Aux-Cerfs Into a Tourist Site?!

Turning Trou-Aux-Cerfs into a tourist visiting site. This is a new idea having been recently suggested by the Municipality of Curepipe. The latter and the Ministry of Environment are still working it out, to consider the feasibility of a project of this kind. The crater is indeed a very well-known spot, attracting many people daily, for its scenic and natural atmosphere. Exploiting it to have more visitors would be ideal. According to the said plan, visitors will be able to go down into the crater. The project is not yet finalised. Talks are still being made whether it is a viable project.


Visitors to reach crater?!

Negoatiations are being made between the parties concerned. The proponents of the project are already brainstorming to come up with various ways to make of the project a tangible one. The spot as to where stairs could be made to go down to the crater has already been identified. View points and an information centre would be made. Defined parking spaces would be traced. Street lights and security cameras will be installed to prevent any case of vandalism. Additionally, a security guard will be present on the premises. The British American Investment has already shown interest in the project, as potential sponsor. The Special Mobile Force has been contacted as to as to have access to the crater.

As steps are gradually being taken to bring the project to fruition, members of the opposition, more specifically of the MMM political party, have raised concerns about a number of issues. They see things in a different perspective: will this impact negatively on nature?

They have raised concern about the possible presence of endemic plants in the crater that could be endangered with such a project. They say that prior to undertaking such a project which does have its good sides, a study must be done to make an evaluation of the plants found in the crater. Are they endemic plants that have to be preserved, or are they just invasive species of plants? Either way, the opponents of this project say that Trou-Aux-Cerfs has to remain a natural spot, as it has always been.

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  • I will say its a good idea.
    As a resident of Curepipe now in perth i will be much happy to see curepipe changing face.
    Yes study has to be conducted and endemic plants identify and protected.
    I will suggest nature trail step and wide plat forms also what will be an innovative architectural beauty is the cable guided cabine.
    Why not introduce some “cerfs “as the name suggest
    We also need to take into consideration curepipe weather and maintenance.
    Love the idea love my city
    Ville lumiere

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