Unemployment Statistics 2014 From The Mauritius Statistics Bureau

Unemployment has been one of the main social scourges in Mauritius for some time now. Unemployed people complain of not finding the jobs that fit their criteria; some people are over-qualified, and yet others have specialised in domains that are not job-generating in the country. According to the recent report of the Statistics Mauritius, the rate of unemployment for 2013 was at 8%, amounting to 45 500 unemployed people. 39% of this proportion is less than 25 years of age. The active population was at 578 700 last year.


The activity rate for males was at 76.3 % and 45.4 % for females. By December of last year, 535 300 were employed, compared to the 521800 in 2012. Males who had bagged themselves a job were 8400 more than in 2012, while women were 5100 more. Half of the unemployed were bachelors. Around 14% of the unemployed – 6100 people – were heads of families.

Academically speaking, 6800 of the unemployed had not gone through the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) examinations successfully, while 12 600 did not attain the level of the Cambridge School Certificate (S.C). 33 300 people are looking for jobs since a year now and 10 100 more have been in quest of a job since more than 12 months.

Only 15 800 of the unemployed proportion of the country are registered in the Employment Service database. The inactive population was estimated to be at 377 900 at the end of last year – 111000 males and 266900 females.

46 % of the Mauritian men are retired while 35 % are students. 55 % of women are housewives, while retired and student females make up 17% of the whole population together.

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