Use of Radio & Music Devices Without Earphones To Be Banned in Mauritian Buses

After having received myriads of complaints from passengers, the National Transport Authority (NTA) has proclaimed that a new law is being formulated in line with this, prohibiting bus passengers from switching on their radio and other audio devices in the bus without using an earphone. Some passengers have complained that the blasting radios played in buses are a real nuisance for them.


Many travelling by bus wish to be able to have a nice and quiet journey. Some have naps, some read, and some others just want to be able to travel in peace, returning home from visits to the hospitals or even from funerals. Therefore, the NTA has said that their choices are to be respected.

The law is yet to be implemented. No date has been fixed as to when it will be in force. When it will, it will concern both bus owners and passengers. In case one chooses not to abide by the law when it is implemented, he will be liable to payment of a fine. In extreme cases, the fitness certificate and the audio devices will be taken into custody.

Earphones come in handy, right?!

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