VAT repaid back on house construction

VAT Refunded Up To Rs 300 000 For Construction Of Houses in Mauritius

In the Budget 2014, a chunk of money has been allocated to reimbursing the public who have been into construction works. The purpose is to promote the construction of houses or flats. The Mauritius Revenue Authority has taken upon itself to repay all those who have been constructing their houses. The latter will be paid back the TVA. An amount of Rs 300 000 has been fixed, which will be paid in full or in parts of Rs 25 000.

VAT repaid back on house construction

However, certain conditions have to be fulfilled. To benefit from this, one has to be over 18 years of age, having a monthly salary, together with that of a spouse, not exceeding Rs 50 000. Also, one has to borrow the services of a contractor who is VAT registered or those of a Property Developer, so as to have a receipt, including the VAT invoice number, which has to be submitted with the registration form. The area of the constructed building should not be more than 1500 feet square. Nor should it cost more than Rs 2.5millions. The construction works have to start off as from this year itself and they have to end before 2016.

Registration forms are available on the website of the MRA.


  • How much (roughly) would it cost to build a dual occupancy dwelling in Mauritius?
    I am interested in the prospect of building 2 x two bedroom self contained dwellings on family land and want to know if a. I can afford it and b. If it is possible to build a dual occ as suggested. I imagine each to be around 75 sq metres.

  • bizin fer mason vin contractor aster pu ban middle class family resi benificier sa facility la, ki sa middle class familty la pu ranz so lakaz ek contracteur? a moin MRA pa p fer sa pu ban middle class mai pu ban gran peto, ban gran peto mank kas kisa pu refund zot TVA, LOL!!! si MRA envi help ban middle class alor li bizin re pense lo so condition contracteur la…. parfois gouvernment pna ban dimun ki servi lesprit, hier li dir lin fer 1 survey ensam ek university de moris ek about 2000 dimun pu kone consomation poisson dan moris et li environ 40kg/ person or family. Dan 1 population 1.2 million li fer survey ek 2000 dimun pu kone sa, franc tu, ena bezE la ek sa ban dimun la, sem intelligence zot ena, astonished!!!! lin al demande m kwar zis ban hotel, m pran m ban voisin mem m pa gn sa ban result la, m kwar li gn zis dan hotel sa, aprer li dir poisson p fni, alor bizin pran precaution, eoula al dir sa ek sa ban manager hotel la, pa vin blame ban public ici, kumadir nu ki p fni poison dan nu lagon LOL

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