Old Woman Dies While Waiting For New Mauritius ID Card

A 78 year old woman died last Friday while waiting for her new Mauritius Identity card. The victim, Dewantee Deenoololl, died on the premises of the ID Card Convention Centre at Goodlands while waiting to have access to her new card. She was accompanied by her son and was waiting for her turn to come, sitting on a chair nearby. When she began feeling uneasy, an ambulance was called. But before the latter could arrive, she died on the spot.


According to her son, the SAMU hotline officer was asking too many questions and therefore further delaying the deployment of the ambulance. A police officer who was working there then brought mother and son to the hospital where it was confirmed that she had already met with death.

The news has already reached the office of the Prime Minister which heads the Mauritius National Identity Scheme, as well as the NEC, company from Singapore which has directed the operations. Many have already voiced out criticisms, that people have to wait in long queues before having access to their ID card, specially for elderly persons.


  • Someone goes to collect her ID card & gets a death certificate as well! How sad that the system always penalise the weaker & poor. I know how long the queue is & how many hours you have to stand in lines as well!

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