Yashika Not Deported To Mauritius – Air Mauritius Reportedly Refused To Take Her Onboard

Since last week, the case of the Mauritian girl to be extradited to Mauritius from the UK has been on the mouth of many of us. Her friends and teachers have voiced their opinions to the media about what they deem to be a gross injustice. Many have been supporting her by way of petitions as well. Finally, she was not deported back to Mauritius. Not yet? Or, is this final?


She was supposed to fly back to the island yesterday at 5 p.m onboard the flight MK053 of Air Mauritius. But, she did not. The reason behind this is still unknown though. What could have happened? Did the British government change their judgement concerning this case? According to Lynn Dawes, the Director of the Oasis Academy Hadley, educational institution attended by Yashika, the airline company Air Mauritius must have refused to take Yashika onboard. Lynn Dawes has been supporting Yashika through and through since the beginning itself.

What made Lynn Dawes come up with this idea? The Minister of Interiors informed Yashika that the airplane of Air Mauritius that was supposed to take her back had a technical problem. However, the airline company had not cancelled the MK053 flight. Seems like Lynn Dawes could be right.

Last Tuesday, British Airways had refused to have Yashika onboard, but they had refrained from making any comments about their decision. Yashika had had to return to the detention centre where she had been staying when she was arrested by the immigration services.

Uptil now, more than 100 000 people have signed the petition to the Ministry of Immigration to stop the deportation of Yashika. The signatures have been submitted online on the website change.org.

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