Yashika’s Family To Be Deported To Mauritius From UK Too?

Some days ago, the story of the Mauritian girl facing the risk of being officially expelled from the UK had moved many of us. Now, it has been reported that her family, comprising her mother, sister and brother, could be extradited as well.  They had made an appeal against their deportation which was later refused.



Yashika was to be deported but British Airways refused to have her on board the plane, without clarifying the reason behind. Her friends and family have been supporting her immensely. Around 100 000 people have signed up to assist her and plead for her cause. Lynne Dawes, the director of the educational institution that Yashika attended, namely the Oasis Academy Hadley, has said that she is appalled at the way that her country treats people. Her friends as well have shared their intentions of supporting her till the end.

The deputee David Burrowes has also shown support to the girl. He has pleaded for her case in front of the Home Office. The Minister of Immigration, David Hanson, has also asked for her case to be considered.

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