An Excavator Crashed Onto A Ship At Port-Louis

Imagine this scene: you’re a sailor, stopping by at a dock, chilling on the deck of your ship, admiring the beautiful scene of the sea touching the sky at the horizon, and breathing in the fresh morning air, and thinking that there’s no other place you’d rather be. And, then, BAAM! All you hear is a deafening sound of something falling hard on the ship! All you can think of is that a piece of the sky has fallen onto your ship, nearly killing you! Not pretty a scene, is it?!




Well, this is what actually occurred today, at the port. A ship coming from Panama, named Adeline, was by the port at Port-Louis. Then, as if out of nowhere, a huge excavator crashed onto it. The excavator made a fall of some 10 meters. Hopefully, none of the ship crew was injured. But, had there been someone in the proximity of the spot where the excavator fell, disastrous consequences would have followed. The machine belongs to a private company. It was being used to disembark raw materials from the ship. To be able to carry out this task, the excavator was being pulled onto the bridge, as supervised by the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL).

Now, the question everyone must be asking himself: how did the excavator fall onto the ship? What is the probability of such an incident to occur?! According to what has been reported, the blame falls on the cables that were acting as support to the excavator. Cables able to bear a weight of 20 tonnes were to be used, since the excavator itself makes around 20 tonnes. However, cables with a capacity of holding a weight of just 7 tonnes was being used to pull the excavator.

Well, the excavator has been reduced to a distorted mass of metals, only good for the bin, and the CHCL will now have to answer for this.

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