Basmati Rice Or Not Basmati Rice?

It has been reported that some of the rice being sold on our local markets have fraudulently been passed off as Basmati rice when they are, in fact, only poor imitations of the latter. Both traders and consumers have been fooled, as it seems. It is already somewhat difficult to make the distinction between Basmati rice and other types of rice, so much so that even the traders experience difficulties in distinguishing from among the various kinds of rice.


As Dawood Jhurry, Director of Succession Dawood Jhurry & Co. Ltd, mentioned to a local newspaper, it is extremely detrimental to the reputation of honest traders that they are being fooled into selling poor imitations of the rice of the well-known brand. Moreover, these are being sold at a rather expensive price. How to get around this problem when it is a challenging task to confidently make the distinction between the real Basmati rice and the false ones? The unsuspecting consumer could very well be duped into buying other brands, mistaking them for Basmati.

What is the distinguishing traits of the real Basmati, if any?!

The real Basmati rice has a characteristic scent about it. It originates from the Punjab. The consumer could be on the look up for these traits to ensure that he is buying the desired brand of rice. But for that, wouldn’t he have to be acquainted with the smell of the Basmati rice?!

Dawood Jhurry has also revealed some surprising facts about those suppliers who have as aim to fool the traders. Since the rice that they are trying to sell off as Basmati does not have the characteristic smell, they have come up with arguments to still try to sell them; they say that these are evolved Basmati rice, such as the Sharbati, which is not the real Basmati. The Sharbati rice bears great resemblance to the Basmati rice, but neither does it have the scent nor does it come from the Punjab.

As a precaution, the consumers are advised to stick to those Basmati rice which have been on the market since long enough to be recognized as Basmati rice.

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