Competitive Strategy Expert, Michael Porter In Mauritius

Michael Porter is a renowned expert in competitive strategy and economic development of nations. Yesterday, he gave a speech at a conference organised with the aim to discuss strategy and competition at the J&J Auditorium. He provided the public with his insight in the current Mauritian context. He did admit though that he is not particularly well-versed with the Mauritian spheres of development.

Michael E

Michael Porter has commented on diverse aspects of the Mauritian economy and development. Having compared Mauritius to similar countries, he said that the island should be able to attract more foreign investors than it already does. According to him, Mauritians have access to bad quality internet connection, coupled with a lack of advanced technological developments. However, he has also recognised that Mauritius has made tremendous headways in such a short period of time. But, it now needs to step up the level, which would need sustained efforts to be put together.

He has also said that the aim of mounting an enterprise is not to be the best in everything. Rather, the goal should be to take to an approach particular to one or to create a market which will be profit-generating in the long term. According to him, a competitive economy is one which fulfills the purpose of enhancing the lifestyle of the local people and at the same time, forging a place for itself in the regional or even global market. In his experience, investing in the community brings many benefits in the long term.

Furthermore, he shared his views concerning the level of tertiary education available in the country. In his opinion, students should be exposed to a broader variety of study options. Partnerships with foreign universities which are of lower levels should be refrained from being contracted. Mauritius should also embark on more research projects, since the present ones are limited in scope.

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